The She Oak Collective

We are a collective of womxn dedicated to changing our planet.

Welcome to the She Oak Collective. We welcome you here as a womxn who desires to make a difference in changing the world.

We welcome you here because you know that change happens as part of a dedicated community.

We welcome you here because we believe you are powerful and you can make a difference.

Our plan for change

She Oak is a community dedicated to rewilding our world, at both a personal and planetary level.

Join us and rediscover what it means to tend to the earth, to self and to community.

We believe that through developing our capacity to feel the earth, the knowledge on how to care for it, and our divine wisdom to deeply listen as a community, we can alter the course of history.


Our online platform offers classes, embodied movement, and community catch ups to connect to self, earth and a likeminded sisterhood dedicated to change.

We are so much more than a simple membership platform. We believe in your worthiness, your wildness and your wholeness. And we commit, through this online community we co-create, to support you in this journey. Our collective of teachers have carefully crafted this offering for you, because we believe that nurturing womxn like you will shift the fate of our world in the way that we have been hoping for.

Are you ready to be a part of something that will change the world?


This collective is for you if you seek...

  • A community that actively includes the earth and all of her beings
  • Classes and courses that foster the physical and spiritual wellbeing and wellness of you as a woman
  • To co-create embodied feminine change in the world with a global community
  • Movement explorations that integrate body, mind, soul and connection to earth
  • To embody substantive female power in your life and safely share this with like minded women
  • To claim a sense of belonging to both yourself, the earth, and community
  • Growth from support and community connection rather than through exhaustion, isolation and overwork
  • A community that truly desires to lift you up and see your growth

Join our community of womxn who are transforming the world and the way we live in it.  

Here's how She Oak Collective will support your journey.

Sustainability Work

We commit to classes and courses that support an understanding of living more in commune with earth. We believe it is our job to tend to the earth and listen to her wisdom.

Experienced Guides

Each of our facilitators have at least a decade of teaching experience. They will guide you from this deep wisdom and expertise developed over these years.

Honor & Lineage

As a collective, we value and honor where our work has come from. We honor each other. We honor the natural world as having agency and sovereignty. We honor the spirit realm. And we honor the traditional peoples of the lands.

Embodiment Work

We believe that it is important to feel the body we live in. It is through a deep understanding of our container that we can support living life fully. And when we can occupy our own body with kindness and awareness, we can learn to tend to the earth.

Diversity & Inclusion

Just like nature is healthiest when it is diverse, we believe that diverse voices offer health for our soul. We aim to create a community of teachers and practioners who are diverse in age, physical ability and race.

Loving Community

We offer weekly community check-ins to explore tools of authentic relating. We want to support our community to grow in capacity and love to care for each other. We hope to explore the wisdom of ecology to create connection and understand our unique interdependence on each other and while honoring our diversity.

Check out our weekly class schedule.

Meet the Collective

The She Oak Collective is a group of womxn who have come together with a desire to implement change at the level of the self, community and the way we interact with the earth. We bring unique skills and perspectives from a variety of fields, somatic disciplines, ages, backgrounds, and experiences for our classes. But we are here to support evolution and hope for our collective future.

Meet the Collective below!


Christina, forever learning and curious, is an ERYT 500, international yoga facilitator, teacher trainer, movement therapist and biodynamic cranio trainee. She is interested in the intersection of the divine, the human anatomy and psychology. She believes that ritual, our bodies, and movement can be places of great healing for ourselves and the organism of our planet. 

Aimee Gonzalez sipping a coffee in a cafe


Aimee is a bilingual, bicultural American currently living abroad. She has been creating food and cooking learning experiences since she was a teenager. She has also been an avid farmer's market attendee since she could help her mom carry produce. She is particularly interested in how food helps us relate to our lands and our heritages.

Portrait of Kate Middleton, teacher


Kate is an Embodied Yoga Teacher, Authentic Relating Facilitator and Champion Freediver devoted to a life of depth, adventure and connection. As a longtime student of the wild, Kate believes in the healing power of community, time in nature and experiences that expose us to the raw elements. Her classes and sessions are  centered around the inquiry of what it means to be alive and in relationship to self, other and nature.   


Sarsha has explored embodied movement & dance for over 30 years and has a gift of bringing people into connection with themselves, each other and the earth. She creates brave, tender, and inclusive spaces for our hearts unfolding, healing and embrace of our wildness. She is the founder of Hope Wellness, Queenstown and New Plymouth Ecstatic Dance and Embodying the Feminine Soul online training. Her teachings fluidly blend her wealth of experience from embodied flow, somatics, open floor, 5 rhythms, tantra & theta healing.


Myra Avedon has been researching, developing and teaching somatic and transpersonal therapies that enhance human potential for over 35 years.  Her work has spanned different countries and organizations, such as co-founding the Embodied Flow Somatic Movement Therapy Program with Dr. Scott Lyons, co-leading the School for Body-Mind Centering® with Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, and serving as Dean of the University for Humanistic Studies. Myra is certified in Osteopathy; Massage Therapy; Somatic Movement Therapy, and as a Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®. She also has specialized training and experience in somatic therapies working with acute and chronic emotional/physical conditions including: stress reduction, trauma work, neuromuscular rehabilitation, postural re-education, and psycho-structural balancing. 


Kerstina lives a female oriented shamanistic web of life. She works in the field of healing body, mind, and spirit with decades of experience in pedagogy with and with body-oriented therapies, such as cranial and visceral Osteopathy, certified by Osteopathie Gesellschaft Deutschland, and Body-Mind Centering®, certified as a Practitioner and as an Infant Developmental Movement Therapist by the School for Body Mind Centering/ Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She came to the point where she knows, that her work is more about embodying and teaching principles then methods and approaches. She is working as a licensed “Heilpraktikerin” in Germany and has a private practice together with Myra Avedon in Germany teaching internationally in person and online.


Jess is a health and wellness coach, foodie, yoga teacher and passionate about creating and living in a low-waste sustainable way. Through her own wellness journey she created cooking workshops to help people understand their relationship with food, the body and how to swap ingredients to make food more nourishing. She craves a deep connection to the ecosystem within us, around us and the lands we live upon. She believes more than ever we must honour the earth and live in harmony with her through a deeper relationship to where our food comes from living in a more sustainable way through our daily actions. 

Not sure you feel ready? We've got a story for you...

Over the past year, I have watched our world burn in the most serious fire season ever seen. For the first time, I really grasped the impact of climate change and what could happen in the next decades. As a species, we are on the brink. That evidence is apparent to me. When I look at my nephews, my heart aches for them. I fear what their future could look like in the next 20 years.

The group of women that have gathered for this community give me hope. First, I believe that change only happens from support and love. They understand this at a level that inspires me every time I interact with any of the other teachers. These women understand the interwoven reality we have with earth and are dedicated to finding models that support regeneration, internally and in the world. Through movement and awareness, they will guide you to communicate more clearly with the earth, in a deep felt sense. There is something deeply magical about remembering how much nature holds us.

To sum up the story of us, She Oak is a collective of embodiment facilitators united in a mandala of ritual, wonder and magic.

Programs are tailored to the cycles and seasons, creating a way for each of us to connect online while honoring the nuances of earth and ancestry. A community-driven forum where conversation and heart-centric wisdom flows untethered. What it means to gather in strongly held containers, exploring the depths of education and lived experience.

Practices offered through the site share a common narrative: exploring substantive female power. Learn more about different practices: rituals, healing work, movement therapy, etc.

Discover new facilitators while feeling safely held, supported, and connected to like-minded spirits beyond your local community. Be a part of a global movement.

Turangawaewae (meaning ‘a place to stand’) is created from the earth and land -- and this network where we feel inspired, guided and supported to embrace how worthy, whole and wild we already are.

So... are you in?